Uganda iSAVE

The vision of the iSAVE Inclusive Economic Empowerment Programme (iSAVE) is that all women and men with disabilities are economically independent, socially recognized and included.

The iSAVE Inclusive Economic Empowerment Programme (iSAVE) is an inclusive microfinance programme designed to remove barriers that hinder the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. These barriers exist due to exclusion by the community, service providers, development programs as well as exclusion by design. Persons with disabilities often have low self-esteem, which also creates a barrier to their participation in social and economic activities. Through supporting the empowerment of persons with disabilities and by understanding and gradually removing the barriers they face, persons with disabilities are better integrated in their local communities, become self-sufficient and can contribute to further development of the community.

The uniq strategic ties between the disability organizations, microfinance institutions, academic and research institutions, private sector, local government and community ensure sustainable results.


The primary target group of iSAVE is women, men and youth with disabilities, as well as their families. All disability categories are included.
iSAVE is implemented by disability organizations in Malawi and Uganda with support from the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD).
iSAVE is implemented through inclusive savings and credit groups in local communities, capacity building stakeholders, providing entrepreneurship training to targeted persons with disabilities.
In addition, NAD, NUDIPU and AMFIU work together with experienced research and academic institutions, such as the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) to document and ensure evidence-based results in iSAVE. iSAVE has also been strenghtened after using Action Research in its programming.
Back donor
The back donor of the Norwegian Association of Disabled is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).