The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU) is an umbrella organization of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Uganda. AMFIU was founded in November 1996 through the collaboration of several organizations with interest in microfinance as a member-founded and member-owned institution. The main reason for its establishment was the felt need for MFIs to have a common voice; to lobby government for favourable policies; to share information and experiences; and to link up and network with both local and international actors.

AMFIU creates equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to access financial services. Activities include raising the awareness of MFIs to be sensitive to the financial needs of persons with disabilities and therefore tap into their market potential. Persons with disabilities are also sensitized to be economically active and encouraged to access financial services.

With the support from the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD), AMFIU is implementing together with the National Union of Disabled Persons in Uganda (NUDIPU) the iSAVE Inclusive Economic Empowerment Programme. ISAVE has a unique model which integrates both the sensitization of MFIs to the financial needs of persons with disabilities and assists persons with disabilities to become more economically independent. The latter is done through formation of inclusive savings and credit groups, also known as We Can Manage groups.

AMFIU has worked together with NAD and NUDIPU since 2006.